Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Goat Simulator

I had been hearing about Goat Simulator from by daughter for the better part of the week. She had seen a "Let's Play" on it from one of her favorite Youtubers and wanted to get it. So, once her report card came back clear, I broke down and bought Goat Simulator for her. Of course, I had to try it out myself in order to make sure it was appropriate.

The developers over at Coffee Stain Studios made Goat Simulator as a fun project for Game Jam and didn't intend to release it to the public. Once public outcry motivated them to release it, the put a little polish on it, slapped a $10 price tag on it and released it out into the world. And, for a $10 game, it's a lot of fun. You're a goat. And you run around head-butting things which leads to horrific screams and Michael Bey-esque explosions. It's basically a "pewdiepie" game. What I mean by that is that it's a game made for the express purpose of filming yourself doing things like blowing up a propane tank and then laughing or screaming your head off, then you run over to the next thing you can interact with and repeat the process so that you get enough footage for a small Youtube clip.

That being said, I haven't had this much fun just mucking about in an open-world game in a long time. Goat Simulator is a fun game to just turn your brain off and explore in. There's a lot of hidden unlockables around the game world and there are a number of zany achievements to try to get. And I haven't even explored any mods yet.

Basically, Goat Simulator is the stupid popular game of the month. It's funny, amusing and worth a bit of cash, but soon enough, we'll all move on, but we've had fun with it, and that's all that matters. I'd say kiddo and I both got $10 worth of entertainment out of it.

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