Thursday, March 19, 2015

Family Protection Security Calls Me.

I got a robo call from (618) 690-0276. On the other end was an interactive robo named Andy that employed voice recognition technology and then forwarded me to an agent trying to sell me a home security system. These guys try to claim that they work for GE Security, but, they don't. And they might actually offer a security system, but they do so at an incredibly inflated price. I have a particular disdain for these types of callers as they make their living bilking money out of older folks. I had this guy on the phone for nearly 10 minutes, at first messing with him, saying a bunch of goofy things. Some highlights include:

  • I told him I loved technology and had a highly technical Japanese toilet
  • I claimed to be a shut-in who was afraid of being stuck on the toilet
  • I confused "motion sensor" with "emotion sensor" and got excited that the security system would be able to sense my emotions.
  • Me burping several time
  • Upon hearing that a person's home is broken into every 13 seconds, I wondered why that poor person didn't buy a security system and wondered how he'd have anything left taking after being robbed so often.
Once I blew my cover, I lit into the guy on the other end of the phone for earning his money by cheating folks out of theirs. In this guy's attempt to prove he was legit, he gave me another number to call, (310) 362-3060 which ended up to be an invalid number as well.


  1. 6/11/2015: I just got a call from these AH's and the Indian-accent guy gave me the same phony (no pun) call-back number: 310-362-3010

  2. Brother, I have to give you credit... You didn't just waste their time & call 'em out, but you actually tried to "get through" to them about "re-thinking" their lives.