Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Legal Help Center Calls Me

I got a call yesterday from a lady claiming to be from "Legal Help Center". My caller-ID reported the number as (702) 224-2006. Basically, I got called by a group of virtual ambulance chasers hoping to cash in on class action lawsuits against manufacturers of faulty trans-vaginal mesh p[roducts. The lady on the other end was sticking heavily to her script, so when I told her that I would have no need for a trans-vaginal mesh lawsuit since I was male, she seemed a bit confused as how to proceed. 

The number they supposedly called from, 702-224-2006 is one that has been used for the past 12 months to push various scams like medical research, health insurance, etc. It's obviously connected to a boiler-room call center staffed by foreign workers. 

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