Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SIMCITY BuildIt Review

The level of respect I have for Electronic Arts has been declining for several years now. It took a huge tumble last year with the release of their lobotomized PC version of SimCity. Actually, I didn't think my opinion of Electronic Arts could get any worse. The release of SimCity BuildIt for Android and iOS has proven me wrong.

The whole point of the SimCity franchise is that it's a City Simulator. And, yet, as I expected, there's not much simulation going on in SimCity BuildIt. It's more like a crafting game where you wait for various pieces of the neighborhood to spin up and fit in. It's basically an urbanized version of Hay Day. And, just like any freemium game, if you don't like waiting, you can pay real money to buy enough virtual currency to craft things instantly.

Honestly, though SimCity BuildIt is somewhat fair with regards to the virtual currency. The craft timers are fairly reasonable and there aren’t any hard-lined pay wall barriers. Of course, coin shortage is a constant problem by design but BuildIt has a number of ways that you can easily earn more. There are plenty of opportunities to sell crafting materials to the AI. You can also sell materials to other players online. The most effective use is to use them to upgrade residences which will earn you a fair amount of coins instantly. In order to expand your land, you have to acquire certain special items, and the method for doing so seems to be too random, so it's incredibly frustrating.

Still, SimCity BuildIt is a beautiful game to look at. You have full rotational control over the town and even the low-class buildings are gorgeously detailed. But, the graphics are just are superficial means to entire you into spending some bucks so you can build even prettier buildings. And the truly gorgeous structures have costs in amounts that one can never hope to achieve without paying for some virtual cash.

All things considered, SimCity BuildIt isn't bad for a freemium game. But, if you're a fan of the old SimCity franchise, you're going to be frustrated and disappointed.

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