Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Oven Has Been Delayed

I had finally settled on a new oven. It had all of the features I wanted, including 5 burners, a griddle attachment and a stainless steel finish. I ordered it from Home Depot and scheduled delivery for a week later. The brick and mortar Home Depot stores don't keep appliances in stock, so, scheduling a delivery was my only option. Just a few days before my anticipated delivery date, the service called and said that there would be a two week delay due to back-order. Furious at having to deal with microwave cooking and Pizazz pizza cooking for far longer than I had anticipated, I called Home Depot.

It's inconceivable to me that I can purchase an appliance on-line and then be told a week later that the appliance is out of stock. If  I am able to put that appliance in my virtual cart, wouldn't that indicate that the appliance is in stock? According to Home Depot: No. For many appliances, Home Depot  often pools orders and sends them off to the manufacturer. Then, it's up to the manufacturer to fulfill them. Home Depot's reported inventory is only an approximate number.

On the plus side, Home Depot customer service is always friendly and helpful and they gave me a gift card worth more than 10% of my purchase price. I used it to buy an induction burner so that I can cook some semblance of normal food while I wait for the oven to arrive. The nice customer service lady even expedited the shipping so that I'd have it in two days.

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