Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Share On Sharalike

After getting my Google Photos year end video and my Facebook Lookback video, I've started thinking about photo videos again. I've been wanting to make similar videos for my own use yet with more specific content. For example, I took tons of pictures in New Orleans and wanted to make a photo video that could showcase them properly. And I ended up with over a hundred pictures from my time in The Foreigner. There's no way anyone would go through an entire album of these things on Facebook. But, putting the photos in a video with a some neat transitions and appropriate music accompaniment might just be the trick I need to get these photos viewed.

Sure, there are plenty of Windows and Mac based programs that I could use to make a photo video. But, you know what? That takes way too much effort. I may use those for a perfectly choreographed family photo video to send out to my folks at Christmas time, but, for something that I just want to use to showcase a set of photos, it's too much work. This is where comes in.

Sharalike is a website that lets you upload your photos and quickly turn them into videos that you can then share with all of your friends. You just create an album, upload photos to it, pick a video theme, pick some music and then you can share the result via a number of different ways (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail link, etc). What I like about Sharalike is the speed at which you can go from concept to video. Sharalike does most of the heavy lifting for you, so you don't have to spend hours dropping photos into templates and enabling transitions. Just a few clicks and you've got your video.

It bears mentioning that Sharalike is still in Beta, so the features are going to be evolving. The trick for Sharalike is going to be keeping the concept simple while still offering a number of attractive features. Personally, I'd mainly just like to see more templates and more music choices. The one big thing on my wish list is a Share via Embedded video feature so that I can share my creations to this very blog for all of my readers to enjoy. 

If you're interested in checking out Sharalike for yourself, I hope you'll sign up under my reference link.

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