Monday, February 17, 2014

Kitchen Demolition

My new kitchen cabinets are going in this week, so I spent all of the day today destroying the last remnants of my old kitchen. There were quite a few surprises involved, the most interesting of which involved a bunch of old match books. I guess the previous owner put them between two cabinets in order to shim level them. After wondering aloud why I would find old matchbooks rather than some sort of hidden treasure, I began to sift through the matchbooks. Most of them were from old stores that I had never heard of. One of them was from a local guy's state senate campaign. It was dated 1978. And that would mean that my kitchen is about 35 years old or so. Definitely time for a change.

The previous kitchen layout had been badly designed in that it left the fridge against a bare wall opposite the cabinets and counter top. It wasn't until I took the cabinets out that I discovered that, originally, the fridge went against the same wall as the cabinets. I even found an old water line leading to it. At some point, the previous owner decided to extend the counter tops and sacrificed the fridge's place in order to do it. I'm told that he did this in order to facilitate making pizza at home to bring to the pizza place he owned back in the 80s. The discovery came too late to change the layout, though. So, I will just have to live with what I set out.

Of course, the best part of home demolition is the ability to use power tools. I was able to knock out most of the cabinets via hand and hammer. There were, however, some issues with the cabinets around the sink. I had to cut away various sections of it with an electric saw. I was gleefully happy at having the opportunity to indulge my destructive streak in this manner. I even took a video of part of it. Have a look:

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