Monday, January 13, 2014

Sister Steals Brother's Tablet

Over the Christmas break, I spent a fair amount of time staying with my folks. There was a lot going on, including the christening of my newest niece. During that time, I spent a lot of time playing favorite Uncle to my nephew and his sister (yet another niece). My nephew had just gotten a Kindle Fire for Christmas and was pretty proud of it. His sister, of course, wanted one as well and used every opportunity she could to take his from him and taunt him with it.

Watch how she deftly steals the Kindle Fire in the video and then how she antagonizes him with it. The way she kisses the Kindle Fire in a mocking way reminds me of an old Tom and Jerry cartoon. I think, though, that my niece got the idea from the opening scene in Toy Story where Mr. Potato Head (as One-eyed Bart) kisses the money from the piggy bank. 

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