Monday, October 28, 2013

Minecraft 1.7.2 The Update That Changed The World

A new version of Minecraft came out on Friday, one which includes a number of interesting changes. Referred to as "The Update That Changed The World". A bunch of new biomes have been added, most notibly the various flavors of mesa biomes. You'll also find that glass can be stained a bunch of different colors and that the various dyes to do so are derived from a bunch of new flowers. Fishing has also become more interesting in that there are now several more kinds of fish (I've already caught salmon, clown and puffer fish) and that junk and treasure can be obtained randomly through fishing.

I spent a few hours last night playing 1.7.2 and it has already proven to be a very fun enhancement to the overall game. A list of everything that has been changed is below: 


(This update includes 1.7 and 1.7.1)
+ Added lots of new biomes!
+ Added “AMPLIFIED” world type
+ Added Acacia and Old Oak wood types
+ Added Stained Glass
+ Added Packed Ice, Red Sand, Podzol
+ Added a bunch of new flowers, including double-height flowers and grass
+ Added more types of fish
+ Fishing rods can be enchanted
+ Achievements are now world specific
+ Gaining achievements now announced to other players
+ Added a few new achievements
+ Servers can now have a “server-icon.png” that is displayed in the multiplayer list
+ You can see who’s online before joining, just hover the player count number in the server list
+ New /summon command
+ Added Command Block minecart
+ Links in chat are now clickable
+ Click on somebody’s name to send a private message
+ Added a bunch of new graphics options
+ Added some shader tests (click on the “Super Secret Settings” a couple of times…)
* Biome placement has been improved, and oceans are smaller
* Portals to the Nether can now have different shapes
* Fishing is now more interesting
* Maps in item frames are now extra big
* The achievement screen is zoomable
* Preparations have been made to offer name change in the future
* You can now have multiple resource packs loaded at the same time
* Resource packs can now hold sound effects
* Servers can recommend resource packs
* Network code has been rewritten
* Sound manager has been rewritten
* Many many bug fixes…
- Removed the Rose flower
- Removed Herobrine

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