Monday, October 7, 2013

I Survived Yet Another Opening Weekend

I wasn't doing to well during our rehearsals for "The Foreigner" last week. Working all day, then cooking dinner, helping my daughter with her homework and then running off to rehearse for four hours before coming home and going to bed had been taking its toll on me. By Thursday night's final dress rehearsal, I was dropping lines and missing ques. I performed so bad that Friday night found me trying to force lines into my head a mere 10 minutes before curtain went up like some burned out college kid trying to cram before a final.

At some point, every actor has to realize that they've either got everything down or they don't. So, as the lights went on, I put my script down, grabbed my props and hit the stage. There must be something about having an audience that makes my synapses fire correctly, because I was spot on that night. It's almost like I was riding their laughter like a wave from line to line.

After the opening night show, the director came back stage and said to me "I knew once I got you in front of a packed house that you'd run away with it!". And I did the same thing with the next two shows during the weekend. We've got three more shows to do this upcoming weekend, and, once our run of "The Foreigner" is over, I'm heading over to the theater across town to pick up a minor role in a brand new play being produced there.

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