Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Psychic From Sears Calls Again

It has been six months since I first started looking for options on my kitchen remodel. Out of all the companies whose forms I've filled out, Sears has been the most aggressive. I have politely told them several times that since they insisted on using non-local employees to do the work, then we wouldn't be doing business as I wanted to use my funds to help out the local economy.

Sears calls every few weeks and I've long since stopped being polite and have kept messing with them at every opportunity. They called again last night and I acted like I thought she was a psychic seer who somehow divined that I was in need of a kitchen remodel (possibly through contacting my dead grand father). The rep on the other end took it with surprisingly good humor until I accused her of going through my trash and stealing my old hard drives.

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