Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking Around As Steve At Gen Con

I went to Gen Con 2013 with Jason and Gene this weekend. In the past, it has been a four day trip for all of us, but, this year, due to everyone being so busy we decided to just go on Saturday. Since it was a last minute decision to go, we didn't sign up for any events. Also, I thought it would be fun to wear a simple costume this year, so I dressed up as Steve from Minecraft. I bought all of the costume items from which included a "Minecraft Union" shirt, a cardboard Steve head and a Minecraft foam pickaxe (stone). I spent around $65 putting the costume together, but the result was worth it. I was barely out of the car before someone came running up to me asking if they could have their picture taken with me. With so many people either calling out "Hey Steve!" after me or outright stopping me for a picture, I felt like I was quite the celebrity.

On the other hand, walking around with my head in a small cardboard box had its share of problems. My peripheral vision was shot, so I had to rely on following Jason and Gene in order to make my way through the crowds without bumping into anyone. My hearing was limited, so it was tough for people to get my attention. And, re-breathing much of my own air tended to make me a little lightheaded. Still, it was a lot of fun walking around in costume and, if I go again next year, I might just drag the costume out once more. And maybe I can get Jason and Gene to follow suit.

Steve Upgrades His Sword

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