Thursday, August 29, 2013

Android 4.2.2 Comes To The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has finally gotten the Android 4.2.2. update this morning. The update package appeared to be about 900mb in size. A number of improvements to the interface are included in the Android 4.2.2 update. Many of them are very subtle, so, you might be asking yourself what the big deal is.

Improvements In Android 4.2

  • Dedicated customizable notifications panel in the status bar

  • New lockscreen widgets

  • Support for multiple user accounts

  • Better accessibility, 

  • Daydreams screensaver mode

  • New widgets and launcher from the Galaxy S4. 

  • Improvements in performance and battery life.

For me, the biggest draw for Android 4.2 is the support for multiple user accounts. It's nice to be able to set up a "Guest" user in case someone wants to borrow my tablet.

How To Add Users In Android 4.2

  1. Go to your Settings 
  2. Tap User Profiles
  3. Tap Add User (might be in the upper-right hand corner)
  4. Tap OK to confirm that you want to add a user
  5. Tap Set Up Now in the pop-up menu to confirm that the person for whom you’re creating a profile is close by.
  6. Enter the new user’s Gmail address and click OK
  7. After you click OK, it will take a bit to sync up the new account.

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  1. I don't have User Profile as option in settings ??? Sorry I'm new to Android