Monday, July 1, 2013

I Am Iron Man

Last Saturday, I went to a Star Wars themed 40th birthday party for my old college room-mate, Dave. Dave's wife had arranged for a number of actors to arrive dressed in Star Wars costumes. I figured it would be a laugh riot if I showed up dressed as Spock from Star Trek. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the Star Wars characters and the guest of honor were all late, so my joke fell flat. I changed into my civilian garb and lamented the lost opportunity. When the Star Wars characters did arrive, a number of the kids at the party were being rounded up for pictures with them, which was odd because few of the kids knew who any of the characters were. As I grumbled to myself, a little girl dressed like Princess Leia tugged at my shirt to get my attention. She said "You look like Iron Man!" and I replied "I am Iron Man. But, you can call me Tony Stark". And, suddenly, I was mobbed by a gaggle of kids wanting to give Iron Man a hug. I was so taken aback by the gestures that I almost cried. This must be what Disney World actors feel like every day.

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