Monday, June 3, 2013

St. Louis Cemetery #1

I have visited both St Louis Cemetery #1 and #2 on several occasions. This was my first trip to St. Louis Cemetery #1 which is near the City Park and Museum of Modern Art in Mid-City. If you're in the French Quarter, it's a good three miles away. I took a cab up to it from the Bourbon Orleans hotel which cost me about $12.

What I like about this cemetery is that it is very large and has a great mix of old and modern burials. You'll find tombs from the mid-1800s right next to tombs containing recent burials. It's a very safe place to walk around, often filled with tourist groups.

You'll find a photostream of some of the pictures I took around St. Louis Cemetery #1, so have a look and see for yourself the beauty of this city of the dead.

IMG_0456IMG_0400IMG_0401IMG_0404 - CopyIMG_0409IMG_0402 - Copy

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