Friday, June 7, 2013

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.0 Bugs

The long awaited Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.0 update finally found its way to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 yesterday. I could hardly wait to play with fire, make some buckets, and harvest some eggs (or make cakes with them). The problem is, Micraft 0.7.0 has so many bugs that it's unplayable. One of the first bugs I noticed was that there's an issue with the animation behind eating. It's not a game breaker, though. Nor is the fact that the dyes are all mis-named. No, the game breaking bug in Minecraft 0.7.0 is the furnace. You can put an item in to be cooked, but cannot add fuel. And, once you add something to the furnace, you can't pull it back out. This, of course, means that you can't smelt iron ingots to make the buckets that have just been added in the 0.7.0 update.

Johan Bernhardsson, the current lead developer on Minecraft Pocket Edition tweeted recently that he has fixed the armor and the furnace bugs. I'm hoping that these bugs get submitted soon, and Mineraft PE 0.7.1 comes out asap, as Minecraft 0.7.0 is practically unplayable.

UPDATE: 0.7.1 came out a few hours later and seems to have fixed the furnace and armor bugs. 

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