Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Still Hate Flying

I figured that flying first class from New Orleans to Dallas would ease my fear of flying. And, it did. I liked being able to fall asleep in a relatively comfortable chair while having access to a decent snack and a few free bloody marys. I was relaxed.

My  layover in Dallas kept getting extended, as flights to Illinois were getting delayed due to weather.  So, I sat there, letting my imagination run away with me concerning all the crazy worst case scenarios that could happen to a plane flying in a storm. Two gate changes and three hours later, it was finally time to get on the plane and I found that I had been placed on a rickety aircraft that seated three per row. The thing sounded like my grandfather's old Impala as it flew, clanging around with a bunch of ominous sounds.

If the constant turbulence wasn't enough, I soon discovered that we were going to land in Illinois in the middle of a thunderstorm. That sort of thing apparently happens all the time, but I had never experienced it before, so I was incredibly nervous. On our first attempt to land, a strong wind gust came along and forced the pilot to abandon the attempt. We were able to land after making a second pass.

I was freaked out enough to drive away from the airport without thinking much about the effect the storm had been having on the roads. I drove right through the thing. It got so bad that visibility was reduced to near zero. I had to pull off the highway and sit an an Arby's for 30 minutes while the storm passed.

So, I'm home. I'm safe. And I hate flying now even more than I did in the past even though there's no logical reason for it.

We're Landing In THIS???

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