Wednesday, June 12, 2013

French Press Coffee

I consider myself a minor coffee snob, and having the perfect cup of coffee at Spitfire in New Orleans made me want to up my game. I had been told several times that preparing coffee via french press was one of the best ways to extract full flavor coffee.

How To Make Coffee With A French Press

A french press is a kettle-like device used for brewing coffee. Basically, you put your coffee into the pot, add hot water, mix it like Kool-Aid, then use the plunger to press the grounds down to the bottom and out of the liquid. There are a lot of factors that go into maximizing your french press coffee experience. The most important of which is starting off with good, whole bean coffee. Grind your coffee down into a coarse grind so that it is easier for the french press to filter out. Make sure your water temperature is about 200 degrees before you pour it into the french press. Once you've poured your water, stir it with a wooden spoon or a chopstick, put the top on your french press and then let it sit for about three minutes. Once the coffee is done sitting, push the plunder down slowly but firmly. Now, you're ready to pour some coffee.

It was my father who first introduced me to coffee, so, when I visited him this past weekend, I was excited to brew him some coffee using my brand new Mr. Coffee french press. I ground up some of his favorite coffee and prepared it for him. I'm sorry to say that he wasn't impressed. He said that he didn't notice any difference between brewing the coffee via french press and brewing it in a typical coffee maker. And, to be honest, I don't notice much of a difference either. To me, coffee prepared with a french press tastes a little bolder, but it's not significant enough to knock me off my feet.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe the quality of the beans I'm selecting isn't up to snuff, or maybe I need to let the coffee sit longer before plunging it. But, there exists a significant possibility that the emperor has no clothes here. Still, even if there's not much of a flavor difference between brewing via coffee maker and brewing via french press, the fact is, brewing with a french press is still a very cool and "showy" way to make coffee.

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  1. You're supposed to stir before plunging?! All this time...