Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Longest Three Miles

It was a mistake to walk up to City Park from the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. It's roughly a three mile trek and my feet had already been shredded by yesterday's adventure. I was excited to see he sculpture garden at City Park, so I spent a lot of time walking around and taking pictures. St. Louis Cemetery #3 is just two blocks away, so I visited that next. It's easily larger than St. Louis Cemetery #1 and St. Louis Cemetery #2 combined and has a good mix of modern and historic burials.

By the time I got to Cafe Degas for lunch, my heels and ankles were howling in pain. A delicious lunch would go a long way towards easing the pain, and I knew from the influx of elderly folks that the place would be solid. I had the escargots and the flank steak. It was a peaceful lunch, and I loved he atmosphere, but I had to move on.

I walked down Esplanade another three miles back to the French Quarter and by the time I stopped at The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, my knees had given out. The $5 self guided tour was pretty cool, but I was mainly interested in the rumors of hauntings in the building. Tales abound of ghostly encounters with the doctor and some of the patients who died in his care. There is certainly a strange feeling about the building, but that is probably due to the historic aura of the museum.

Anole Lizards Are Common In Mid-City

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