Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Museum Crawl

I was stl in a fair amount of pain when I woke up this morning, so I decided to stick close to the hotel for the day. That didn't mean that I couldn't have any fun, though. I visited the Cabildo, St, Louis Cathedral, The Katrina/Mardi Gras Museum and The Old Mint which meant that I only had to walk a few blocks.

The Cabildo was originally the seat of colonial government in New Orleans and now serves as a museum. You'll find it in Jackson Square, right next to St. Louis Cathedral. There are a lot of period portrait paintings, several historical reproductions and a few precious artifacts. For me, the highlights are the copy of Napoleon's death mask and the locke of Andrew Jackson's hair. It's 6 dollars for admission.

The Katrina/Mardi Gras Museum is on the other side of St. Louis Cathedral ans will cost you another six bucks for admission. I was a little less than impressed with both aspects of the museum. I suppose that there's only so much you can do with Katrina and it feels like there is a lot missing from the Mardi Gras museum.

The Old Mint is a great freebie and that alone makes it worth the walk up Decatur Street. Over the years of its operation, The Old Mint made coins for both the United States and the Confederacy. There is a wide variety of machinery and coins on display, but I did not notice any Confederate coins. On the second floor, there is a Jazz museum which features a cornet owned by Louis Armstrong.

A Napoleon Death Mask

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