Monday, April 8, 2013

Scrapping The Old Shed

When I purchased my house several years ago, the backyard hosted a medium sized wooden shed and a smaller sheet-metal lawnmower shed. The wooden shed was close to falling apart partially due to the previous owners using it as a means to dump about four years worth of garbage.  It had also served as a shelter and breeding area for many of the neighborhood's stray cats. Not six months after I had moved in to my house, I cleared out the shed, took it apart and had everything hauled off.

I never did bother with the lawnmower shed because I couldn't find anyone who would be willing to take the whole thing. It was a pretty small shed to begin with, so I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort to pull it apart and get rid of it. So, there it sat, haunting my yard. Last year, it was finally engulfed by the overgrowth of the yard belonging to my neighbor behind me. Last week, I had enough and hacked my way through the overgrowth to get at the shed. I spent this past weekend tearing the shed apart into manageable pieces.

How Do You Get Rid Of Scrap Metal?

I have no idea exactly what the shed is made of or how much it would be worth to a scrapper. It's rusted over really bad and is caked in plant matter, so I have to wonder whether or not its even worth the gas money to haul to my local scrapper. I recall a few years back when I was switching out some broken windows from my metallic screen door, I had laid the window panes against my house for about three hours and came home to find a scrapper kicking the glass out in an attempt to claim the panes. I chased him off because I wasn't done with them, but, it left me with the impression that there are folks in my area who are willing to pick through what I've got.

So, for now, I've put it in the front yard, inviting local scrappers to take it. If no roving scapper takes it off my hands within the next week, I'll call someone to haul it off.

Let's Hope This Pile Attracts Scappers Rather Than Lightning Strikes

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