Monday, April 22, 2013

Jelly Bean Comes To The Droid Bionic

It seems that every time I'm ready to get rid of my Droid Bionic and replace it with something else, Verizon gives it a major update and I feel like I've got a brand new phone. Late last week, Verizon started sending out an OTA update for Droid Bionic users that upgraded their Android OS to 4.1.2 which is a flavor of Android called Jelly Bean. So, for those of us who were using Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) with the Bionic, what's the difference? Well, aside from some aesthetic differences (new display fonts, face recognition animation etc) there are a few things under the hood that will make you glad you decided to allow the update

Jelly Bean vs Ice Cream Sandwich

  • By most accounts, Jelly Bean runs much faster on the Bionic than Ice Cream Sandwich does due to a number of performance improvements. 
  • Jelly Bean comes with an updated version of Google Now which includes the use of informative cards that are designed to help you manage your daily life. A voice will now respond to certain queries. It still won't call you "Rock God" if you ask it to, though. 

This latest update for the Droid Bionic has convinced me to keep the phone for another few months. We'll see how I feel about the Bionic at the end of the Summer. 

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