Monday, March 11, 2013

Skyrim Armor Duplication Glitch

Being a Skyrim player on the PS3, I've only just recently gotten up to speed on the Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire DLC packs. This is mainly due to Bethesda releasing these packs late for the PS3. So, what I'm about to reveal may be old news to some of you more seasoned Xbox 360 and PC players.

After I built a home on the Lakeview Manor property (via Hearthfire), I soon discovered that there's a neat little glitch where you can duplicate sets of armor using the mannequins in the armory wing of your house. Here's what you need to do.

  • Make sure you've got Hearthfire installed so that you can buy a home plot. You’ll then need to construct one of the wings of your house into an armory.
  • Once you have your armory constructed, make sure you furnish it with all available armor mannequins. Place whatever armor set you want to duplicate on any of the mannequins for display, then leave.
  • Come back to the room and take the armor off of the mannequin. Leave the room again and when you return you'll find a duplicate set of armor on that mannequin.
  • Whatever armor set you've first put on a mannequin, that's the one that will keep on duplicating. You won’t be able to switch it out. If you want to duplicate other sets of armor, you’ll need to use a different mannequin.

The Dragonborn and Serana Both Wearing The Ancient Falmer Armor


  1. does it need to be the armory?

  2. I think that it does have to be on a mannequin in the armory. Feel free to check and verify and then report back.