Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Do People Wear Horse Head Masks

While hanging around on campus with some co-workers the other day, I happened upon someone wearing a horse head mask. I assume that this person was a male because of his build. Anyway, he sat down, read his book for a bit, made some horse sounds and then galloped on his way. I managed to take a few pictures.

My co-workers knew that there was some sort of Horse Head Mask Meme but were unsure of what it was supposed to represent or what its origins were. Some time before 2006, Tom Green made a video where he ran around wearing a horse head mask. The meme garnered further popularity when a man named Dobbin Horsome of Aberdeen, Scotland was photographed wearing the mask by a Google Street View car. Dobbin, nicknamed Horse Boy, became an instant viral sensation.

These days, the horse head mask is used less as a meme and more for a means of universally recognized anonymity. People often show up at protests and picket lines wearing them. This particular kid wasn't trying to be a jackass, he was heading towards a sexual assault rally. But, that's a horse of a different color.

Don't mind This Fellow. He's Just Horsing Around

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