Monday, February 11, 2013

The New Monopoly Token

Last month, Hasbro, makers of the iconic Monopoly board game, announced that they were looking to update the game by removing one token and adding a new playing piece. Hasbro invited Monopoly fans to vote on which of its Monopoly tokens would be dropped in favor of a new token "that's more representative of today's Monopoly players," Eric Nyman, senior vice president for Hasbro Gaming, said at the start of the campaign last month. The voting was conducted via Facebook and the results are now in: The iron is getting dropped in favor of a cat. Let me say that again for emphasis so that it can sink in properly: The new Monopoly token is a cat.

Monopoly Fans Outraged

Hardcore Monopoly fans quickly vented their anger via Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. And, in some ways, I can understand their frustration. First off, the iron is clearly the best Monopoly token as it has the maximum amount of surface area on its underside compared to the other tokens. Therefore, is basically impossible to knock over. And, as for looks, the iron is the best looking Monopoly token due to its elegant simplicity. And, as much as I like cats, part of the whole point of the Monopoly tokens is that they are a random assortment of unrelated items. You can't have both a Cat token and a Dog token. Besides, how in the world could the robot have lost? It had a mustache! And how could the iron have lost to the wheelbarrow? The Monopoly wheelbarrow never stands up straight!

A Money Making Opportunity? 

The thing about Monopoly and many other board games is that, once you buy the game, you're done. There's no way for Hasbro to get more money out of you. That is, unless they can get you to buy more Monopoly tokens. I imagine that Monopoly might offer new content packs that feature both old a new tokens. Want to get your hands on the rejected Monopoly tokens from this campaign? Feeling nostalgic for the iron and want to get your hands on one? Well, maybe you'll be able'll just have to pony up $10 or so. And perhaps Hasbro will even offer an expansion pack for Monopoly, complete with a new neighborhood, new tokens, new challenges and new Chance/Community Chest cards. This is all speculation on my part, of course.

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