Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Minecraft PE Graphic Glitches

I encountered an interesting set of graphics rendering glitches in Minecraft PE 0.6.1 last night. I had been playing for about two hours on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with "Fancy Graphics" turned on.

This Is Supposed To Be A Yellow Flower

Looks Like The Fence Is On Fire Here

This Is A Sapling. I should have hit it with Bone Meal to see what would have happened.

This Actually Makes The Chest Look Kinda Pretty

The Other Side Of This Stone Cutter Looks Like A TNT Block


  1. I have this problem all the time on my tab 2, makes some stuff look cool though

  2. I have 0.9.5 and I saw a Redstone repeater on mine.OMG is Mojang adding Redstone?