Monday, January 21, 2013

Transformers USB Memory Drive

I picked up a few novelty USB drives late last month to give away as Christmas gifts to various geek friends. Not only do they offer geek-cred, but they're practical too, storing up to 16GB. For folks like me who loved playing with transformers as a kid, this Transforming USB flash drive is a must-have. It transforms from a cassette-looking thing into Ravage, the Decepticon jungle cat.

There's definitely has more than meets the eye here with this particular Transformers USB flas drive, as there seems to be a number of different variations available. Look at the picture I took below and notice that the sculpt of the mouths are different between each Ravage. The one on the bottom seems to have been built sturdier. The Ravage on top lost its tail within 3 hours of me taking it out of the box. One other thing to note is that whichever version of the Ravage USB drive you choose, it's going to be wider than most other drives, so you may end up blocking more than one port when plugging it in. So, if you're going to order your very own Ravage Transformers USB drive, be mindful.

Transformers USB Flash Drive: Ravage.

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