Friday, January 18, 2013

Skyrim DLC Finally Coming To The PS3

Blessings upon Bethesda for finally releasing Skyrim DLC content for the PS3. Next month, Skyrim fans who play on the PS3 will finally be able to travel to Solstheim, home of Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn. PS3 players will have an expanded itinerary – with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar – before heading back to their customized dream home as the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC will be released for the PS3 in February as well.

Skyrim fans on the PS3 have been taking Bethesda to task for not releasing the DLC in a timely manner and seemingly favoring XBOX 360 players. Dawnguard was released in September for XBOX 360 and Hearthfire was released in May. Bethesda developers reportedly had major issues porting over the Dawnguard content to the PS3 version of the game, thus causing the delay.

Release dates for the Skyrim DLC for the PS3 have not been confirmed yet. All Bethesda is currently saying is "February" and that Dragonborn will be released first.  However, as a mea culpa for PS3 Skyrim fans, the price for all the DLC will be 50% off during first week of release for each pack. As a PS3 player who was pretty ticked at the whole fiasco, this deal satisfies me. However, quite a few people are still butthurt over this and are saying that 50% off is not good enough and they are refusing to buy anymore Bethesda games. Some want all the DLC for free. That's obviously not going to happen. Nor should it. Personally, as a huge Skyrim fan, I'm happy just to be able to get the DLC. The discounted price is just gravy.

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