Monday, January 28, 2013

Siri Would Have Been Part Of Android

There has been a lot of talk around Android communities about the revelation that Siri, the personal assistant and search software that is now integrated with iOS, was slated to become part of Verizon's release of Android before Apple came in and bought up the company that made Siri. Siri Inc originally created the app and made it available for download via the Apple App store and had announced upcoming versions of the software for Blackberry and Android. All efforts for implementation of non-Apple platforms were halted when Siri was acquired by Apple in 2010. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm glad Apple got it.

Siri vs Google Voice Search 

Yeah, Siri has a few neat features like being able to call you "Rock God" or whatever, but, overall, Siri seems to rely more on having a personality and being a personal assistant rather than being a reliable search platform. For that, I'm happy with Google Voice Search, even though it doesn't have a catchy name. Not only is Google Voice Search faster, more reliable and better looking than Siri, but it's funnier too. I asked it what my name was and Google Voice Search returned a list of amnesia links. Siri asked me what I wanted to be called.

I doubt that anyone is going to base their decision on buying an iPhone or an Android device based solely upon the comparisons of Siri vs Google Voice Search now. But, if you'd like a quick and easy way to ferret out the differences between them, you can look at it this way: Choose Siri if you want a personal assistant. Choose Google Voice Search if you want reliable results. Me, I want reliable results, so the choice is clear. I'm going with Google Now and Google Voice Search. And, if I want to be called "Rock God", I'll just ask my girlfriend to do it.


  1. This is a good comparison. I also wanted a reliable result. Now, I know I made the right choice for having samsung galaxy s3 last month. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    1. The Galaxy S3 is a pretty sweet device, Ben. Good choice.