Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minecraft 0.6.0 Update

Earlier today, Minecraft PE for Android and iPhone were both updated to 0.6.0 alpha. Included in this update is:
  • Armor (Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond)
  • Signs
  • New Bricks - Nether Brick, Nether Rack, Pillared Quartz, Chiseled Quartz, Chiseled Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone
  • Mossy Stone and Cracked Smooth Stone Bricks are available, but only in Creative Mode 
  • Several different types of stairs have been added.
  • All Stairs Can Be Placed Directionally
  • Sandstone Slabs
  • Slabs can now be placed either on the top or bottom half of a block
  • Crafting slabs give you 6 now rather than 3. 
  • Clouds (only in "fancy graphics" mode)
  • Baby animals
  • Sheep can be colored with dye
  • Stone block crafting is moved to a Stone Cutter block
  • Sand and Gravel blocks are affected by gravity, 
  • Nether Reactor spawns Nether Rack blocks instead of Obsidian. 
  • Cows drop leather
  • Some bugs related to melon spawning have been fixed
  • An improved D-pad

Steve in Iron Armor in Minecraft 0.6.0 Standing Under A Sign

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