Monday, December 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 vs Nexus 7

I recently chose to ditch my Nook Color. It was a good little tablet, especially since I rooted it and installed a better version of Android on it. In the end, the proprietary charging cable and its overall sluggishness. As great as the Nook Color is as an e-reader, it sucks as a tablet, even with a customized version of Android on it.

I soon found that I was wanting more from a tablet, and I narrowed down my search to the Nexus 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I would consider both to be the top contenders in the 7 inch Android tablet market. Ideally, I'd like to have a hybrid of those two devices, but, that's not an option. So, for those of you who were on the fence like I was, here's a nice comparison of features of the Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Please Note: I am declaring "winners" in various categories based upon how certain features fit my needs. Your mileage may vary. Compare the technical specifications for the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and decide for yourself.

Screen Resolution:

Nexus 7: 1,280 x 800 Pixels
Galaxy Tab 2:1,024 x 600 Pixels

The Nexus 7 is the winner here boasting a slightly better screen resolution than the Galaxy Tab 2.


Nexus 7: 1.3mp front. No Rear-facing camera
Galaxy Tab 2:0.3mp front. 3mp Rear. 

Personally, I don't have much use for a rear facing camera on a tablet, so I'll give the win to the Nexus 7 on this one because of the better front facing camera.


Nexus 7: 1.2 GHz Quad Core
Galaxy Tab 2:1.0 GHz Dual Core 

Even though I've been able to overclock the Galaxy Tab 2 to 1.5 gig, the Nexus 7 is still the clear winner here.

Expandable Memory:

Nexus 7: None
Galaxy Tab 2:Up to 64GB via microSD slot  

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 easily takes the prize on this one.

In the end, if you have to choose between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the Nexus 7, it's all going to come down to  what you're intending to use the tablet for. Personally, I need a lot of expandable storage because I take a lot of movies and music with me on trips and don't expect to have access to the cloud during travel time, so abundant local storage is a must have for me. This, along with the price (you can get the Student Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 via Best Buy which includes a keyboard and dock for a lower price than the Nexus 7) sold me on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. If you're looking for a state-of-the art, cutting edge Android experience, then the Nexus 7 is the one for you.


  1. If you ditched your nook for this, how is the reading on the tablets? I'm interested more for the reading aspects, but want some flexibility that a tablet offers. I am concerned about less "reading options/capabilities" if I don't go with a nook or kindle.

    1. Well, since I had previously been pretty well entrenched in the B&N ebooks due to having the Nook Color, I've had to rely on the Nook app for Android in order to read my old Barnes and Noble books as Google Play Books does not allow you to import ebooks into it. That being said, I don't notice much if any difference reading Nook books on the Android tablet.

  2. Are you sure that the Tab 2 uses a 64G microSD card? All the sites I see even with Samsung says 32G.

    1. I went and had a look at the official specs, and, you're right, it all says 32GB. So, in theory, 32GB is the limit. Yet, I've got a 64 in mine and there appears to be a significant number of folks running 64 in theirs as well.

      So, I guess, YMMV.

  3. I have a Google Nexus 7 and absolutely love it. It does however, have 2 big pros and 1 very big Con. Pros are the screen which is amazing and the fact that it's a stock android install. Since it's from Google, it gets all of the updates first (I'm currently running 4.2.2 with root access).
    The big con is not having the external storage option. My daughter uses it to watch movies, and 16GB does not cut it. To improvise a solution, I downloaded an app called StickMount in order to enable root/hub access to the microusb slot. Then I purchased a microusb to USB cable and a 32gb usb jump drive. Voila 32gb additional storage.