Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My FedEx Package Got Stolen

With Christmas quickly approaching, I have been getting a lot of packages delivered via UPS, FedEx and the USPS. Nearly every day, I have something waiting for me on my porch that won't fit in my mail box. Late last week, one of my deliveries turned up missing. I live in a neighborhood that doesn't see much traffic and is inhabited by a number of elderly shut-ins, so I have never given much mind to the thought of someone snatching a package off of my porch. Still, when I know a delivery is coming, I try to be there in order to pick it up. I was at my house within 15 minutes of the time that FedEx listed the package as "Delivered" and it was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, it was just a few dress shirts from Macy's and not an important Christmas gift. But, this begs the question, "what do you do when your package gets stolen?".

The first thing you need to do is call the delivery provider. I rang up FedEx right away and they asked me a few basic questions like "are you sure nobody else in the household has it?" and "could the driver have delivered to the wrong house?". I assured the FedEx rep that the driver knew my house well, as he had just delivered a package to it two days prior to the incident. FedEx contacted the driver directly, who showed up to my house to show me where he had placed the package before it was stolen.

So, the package somehow disappeared into the abyss. I can hardly expect FedEx to conjure up two new Macy's dress shirts from the ether. At this point, it was time to contact Macy's to let them know what had happened and inform them that I had already tried to resolve the issue via FedEx to no avail. Macy's quickly arranged to ship out two new dress shirts. This time, via UPS.

I want to stress here that the reps from FedEx and Macy's provided stellar customer service during this incident. The FedEx rep was kind enough to even call me a few days later to make sure everything was resolved to my satisfaction.

So, to recap, here's what to do when your FedEx or UPS delivery gets stolen:

  • Be aware of when things are being delivered and try to be there to meet the driver. The USPS and UPS and FedEx all offer electronic package tracking, so you should have a pretty good idea of when your package will be delivered. If you can't be there, you can always leave a note asking the driver to leave the package in a more secure place around your home. 
  • If your package does end up missing, try to resolve it through the delivery service first.
  • Once you have exhausted all the options via the package service, contact the store that shipped the item. It's their responsibility to make sure that the package gets to you. If they don't re-ship, then file a dispute with your credit card company (or PayPal if you used that).  
  • File a police report. The boys in blue aren't going to tear the town apart looking for your stolen merchandise, but, it's possible that your theft may have been one in a string of many, so you'll want police to be aware and keep an eye out. 
UPDATE: The original package eventually showed up which casts some doubt on the FedEx carrier's story. 

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  1. I just came home to an empty FedEx package on my doorstep with a big bootmark stomped in the middle. : (