Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Fast Food Takes Too Long

Call me uncultured, but I've got a thing for McDonald's breakfast. There's something about wolfing down two Sausage McMuffins from the dollar menu and washing them down with a large black coffee that gives me just the rush I need to jump start my day. I don't do it every morning, but, when I do, I always see it as $3.20 well spent.

I walked in to my local McDonald's early last Saturday morning to find that the line reached nearly outside the door. Only two people were working the registers and the line for the drive-through didn't look promising either. My hunger for sausage patties smothered with cheese-food nestled inside an english muffin would not be denied. I decided to wait. People were understandably frustrated.
I bided my time by reading some news articles on my phone and checking Facebook. I hardly noticed the line slowly oozing forward. My attention was eventually captured by some Stepford wife emitting a loud sigh and exclaiming "I hate this place" just loud enough for the rest of us to hear her.

"Then why are you here?", I asked.

"Because I like the sweet tea....although that's none of your business".

"When you say it loud enough for me to hear it 20 feet away, you're making it my business. But, fear not! The breakfast Gods have heard your anguished pleas and have taken pity upon you, for I will shell out a dollar to whomever is currently on deck at the register in order to buy you a sweet tea".

As I waved a dollar bill around in the hopes that the person next-in-line to order would take it and deliver a McDonald's sweet tea to the frustrated woman, I heard her huff and stomp out of the restaurant. I get it. You go to McDonald's because you want your food quickly and when there's a line practically out the door, it sucks. I've posted about this before, but it bears repeating: If the worst thing you have to worry about is that you've got to wait 10 minutes in line at McDonald's, then you're actually doing pretty good.

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