Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Billboarding With Chex Cereal

Looks like Chex cereal has done a bit of creative advertising with their box covers. My daughter and I were trolling the breakfast cereal aisle recently when we happened upon the Check section of the shelf. When arranged correctly, the Chex cereal boxes make a continuous billboard. Our local grocery story is obviously missing a few flavors of Chex like "Yellow Shirt Chex" which is Apple Cinnamon Chex and "Purple Shirt Chex" which is Honey Nut Chex.

I wonder what happens when someone manages to put all of the Chex cereal boxes together. Perhaps a portal to Chex world opens up and you become a Chex warrior clad in Chex armor and set out upon a Chex quest. Or, maybe the guy that designed the boxes cries tears of joy because someone has finally noticed his hard work.

What Ever Happened To Frosted Mini-Chex?

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