Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, Hallelujah!

The cast and crew of the local production of The Hallelujah Girls have been working hard over this past week to make the show a success. This has been a week of full costume and tech rehearsals and I feel that I've finally started to approach the level of talent that the rest of the cast has brought to the show. It has been tough being a rank amateur among this group of accomplished actors, but I think I absolutely nailed my role as of last night. That being said, I do have a few issues I need to work on before opening night.

  • I'm somewhere around 15 years younger than the actress playing Sugar Lee, which means that attempts have been made to age me a little bit. One night, I sprayed white colored hairspray all over my hair. It looked fine up close, but, under the lights, it looked like a nuke went off on my scalp. I'm going to stick to a light spraying around my temples. 
  • Every time I run in to say "Ladies, we've got trouble!", I end up doing it in a Scottish accent for some reason.  
  • My short shorts have been getting progressively shorter with each costume fitting. Last night, they were so short that the bottoms of my boxers were starting to show.  And, seeing as I have really fair skin, I have been trying to darken the tone of my legs so that I don't blind the audience when I come out. I've been using bronzer cream to do this. I don't know if it's working on my legs, but the palms of my hands are noticeably darker.
  • I decided to try something when I come out after the wall collapses. Normally, I just brush the dust off of my shoulders. Last night, I added a move where I seemingly cough up dust. The dust-filled cough got huge laughs from our small test audience, but ends up making too much of a mess. And it's murder on my lungs. 
  • During one of the scene changes, "This Kiss" by Faith Hill plays in the background. I am often back stage doing the chicken dance to the chorus, which cracks up the rest of the cast. 
  • I order to believably drop the gasket, I've had to bring a little of the TommyMac goofiness to Bobby Dwayne. I'm not sure it works. 
  • I have written an acceptable biography for the program complete with a few personal shout outs of thanks to a few people who lent me some priceless support. 
Opening night is tomorrow, and, as I have been accustomed to saying, I will not only break a leg, I will break both legs and lose my way to the stage. 

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