Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Generating A Bio

I've been putting off writing my bio for the program for The Hallelujah Girls. It's not something I've ever done for a play before. No production company had ever been interested in listing anything but my name, so I was at a bit of a loss to come up with something to say. I decided to go with something funny:

Thomas Mac is really a twelve-armed alien being from the planet Xeralamaph. He enjoys drinking fine glaxanar and playing the occasional round of frazzbarg. He has assumed human form so that he can better study the strange rituals of humanity. Thomas says that becoming an actor while disguised as a human has not only given him unique insights into the human condition, but has been a mentally rewarding experience as well. "An alien pretending to be a human pretending to be a middle-aged Southern gentleman? How meta!".  

 That bio was quickly rejected. It's something TommyMac would come up with, and, as much as everyone loves TommyMac, the production company wants people to know about Thomas Mac instead. That's a taller order, so, aside from listing the bland details about my personal life, I'm at a loss for what to write.

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