Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's A Jeep Thing

Driving around in Chicago traffic always has its share of surprises. I snapped the picture below recently not long after some princess in a beat-up Chevy Aveo cut me off while talking into her cell phone. The Aveo had a bumper sticker on it that said "MY CAR. DADDY'S MONEY". So, Daddy had a spare $600 hanging around?

While trying to get a picture of the Aveo, I spied a Jeep with "If I Wanted A Hummer, I'd Call Your Sister" lettered across the back window. My first thought was to wonder what was up with the non-standard capitalization. Perhaps I could drive up and toss him my APA guide. My next thought was to wonder how he got my sister's number.

It's A Jeep Thing, Apparently.

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