Friday, June 1, 2012

A Few More New Orleans Stories

I've been back to work for half a week now and I have been regaling all of my friends with stories from my trip to New Orleans. Some of the stories didn't inspire a blog post of their own, so I'm going to take the time to tell those in one large post.

  •  All week long, we were looking forward to seeing a special burlesque show at One Eyed Jack's. This particular one was being held as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, so I figured there would be a slight political bent to the show. We showed up an hour before the doors opened and began to drink at the bar. After the doors opened, we had to wait another hour for the show to start, so we passed the time by drinking some more. The show started late. By the time it got underway, ChrisMac and I had consumed an heroic amount of Bud Light. Not only did the performances turn out to be more artistic than burlesque, but the entire show seemed more like a political rally than an entertainment event. We got a little rowdy towards the end, yelling things like "BACONATED CHEESE!" and "CHEESENATED BACON!"when the host would ask questions of the audience. Luckily, we didn't get thrown out. 

  • There's a bar in the shadow of St. Louis Cathedral that serves absinthe as a specialty. I had planned on drinking some after the haunted tour but was a little worried as I had heard a number of anecdotal stories about hallucinations and other psychoactive effects attached to the drink. When I entered the bar, I knew right away that I needn't have worried, because a group of soccer moms who were in town for the wine tasting fair were seated at the bar drinking absinthe. In fact, everyone who walked into the joint ordered some. A drink that popular couldn't evoke such horrific effects. So, I ordered one. It became three. I had a nice, mellow buzz going on which was constantly getting harshed by the soccer moms' overtly drunken behavior. I glared at them several times and ChrisMac and I photo-bombed each one of their group pictures. I was so glad when they left that I helped the bartender clean up their leftover absinthe glasses. It was then that I noticed that one of them had left their VIP pass to the wine tasting event. I spent the next evening tasting every single wine that the Royal Street Stroll had to offer. 

  • While sitting outside the Louisiana Supreme Court building drinking beer and pondering our next move, a jazz wedding came through. ChrisMac and I were grabbed by a woman at the back of the parade and we followed along up to St. Charles Avenue. It was just like that New Orleans tourism commercial. 

  • I had my Looxcie cam running while walking through the Garden District and taking pictures. In front of Trent Reznor's house, we encountered a tour group of elderly ladies on a mule drawn carriage.  As they passed, I exclaimed to them "And on your right, you'll see the fabulous Mac Brothers!". They cheered. A few minutes later, as they passed, they took pictures of us. I captured it all on video. You can see it below.

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