Monday, June 25, 2012

Caught A Game With My Brothers

I decided to catch a White Sox game with two of my three brothers on Friday. I fit it in with a weekend visit with my parents, so that meant driving out to visit the folks for a bit, then catching the train to 35th Street and a quick walk to U.S. Cellular Field.

I dropped my car off at the train station parking lot and began to feel a little nostalgic. You see, the parking lot had once been home to the middle-school that I attended as a youth. The school had been bulldozed a few years ago to make way additional parking for the nearby train station. While walking through the lot, I did notice a very nice historical marker dedicated to the school. This brought up a lot of good memories, many of them focused on the pizza place just down the street. I spent a lot of time there as a youth, after school activities, after community league games, birthdays, engagements, and random every day meals. It had a real mom and pop cozy feel to it and it was the best dine-in pizzeria in the area. I figured I had enough time to indulge my nostalgia and walk over for a few slices. The place out of business. The best I could do was walk over to the CVS, nuke a hot pocket and reminisce.

I hopped the train, got off near the stadium, and caught up with my brothers at the Bacardi Lounge. They were impressed to see me decked out in White Sox gear, including a replica jersey and a vintage looking "Shoeless Joe" Sox cap. It's quite the novelty for me to express spirit for a particular sports team, but it's such a rarity to get more than two of the Mac brothers together at any one time, I figured it was a special enough occasion. It's actually, fun, for a while, to feel a part of something greater than myself. So, I cheered when the team made a good play, booed The Brewers pitchers in the bullpen just two rows below me and recoiled in horror when The Brewers pulled out a run to win in the 10th inning, leaving the White Sox scoreless.

As I rode the train back to town, I couldn't help thinking how much everything seems to be changing. My brothers and I are approaching middle age. We've got kids of our own. My parents are hitting their twilight years. The things that we had attachments to are disappearing. The school. The pizza place. And one day, the house we all grew up in. Yes, things change. But it really doesn't matter so long as we have family and friends to change along with us.

Three Of The Four Mac Brothers.

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