Monday, May 7, 2012

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 2

My daughter recorded the closing night performance of "Merchant of Venice" using my ear-mounted Looxcie camera as well as my regular video camera. I merged the two sets of footage, choosing the shots that worked best.

In this particular scene, Act 2 Scene 2, Launcelot debates with himself about leaving Shylock, his master who is a Jew. After deciding his fate, he encounters his blind sister (usually father, but, in this case, a young lady was cast instead) and plays tricks on her. One the truth is revealed, they speak with Bassanio and Launcelot sets off to meet his destiny.

For me, this is probably the funniest scene in the play (yeah, I'm biased) and, when I was originally cast, the director was going to cut out the interaction between Launcelot and Old Gobbo due to a shortage of actors. I lobbied hard to keep it in and even went so far as to recruit my friend Nicole to play Old Gobbo. During initial rehearsals, Nicole played an old man, but, it was soon decided that the play would be better served in she played an old woman instead. In this running, Nicole's daughter is filling in for her, so the role that was once Launcelot's father becomes his sister.

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