Friday, May 25, 2012

A Grave Situation

Taking The Door Off...
After breakfast at Clover Grill this morning, we returned to our room to find that the lock release had malfunctioned. The lock would flash green when I put the key in, but the lock would not disengage. Maintenance came up and tried to open the door. I was pretty pissed that they were taking their own sweet time to get up there, as they probably believed that the keys just got de-synched from the lock.

When they realized that it wasn't the case, they tried a master key, which convinced them that the lock was indeed malfunctioning. They beat on it with a wrench, and tried to pry it open with a crowbar to no avail. I implored the maintenance guys to hurry, as ChrisMac needed his insulin. ChrisMac took the que and began to fake an attack. He leaned against the wall and slowly slid to the floor. Maintenance drilled the lock open a few minutes later and I ran to my duffel bag, took out my own epi-pen (used in case I get stung by a wasp) and pretended to give ChrisMac an insulin shot. Management ended up upgrading our room and giving us a bunch of meal and drink vouchers.

After a free lunch, we headed to St. Louis Cemetary which is the final resting place of famed voodoo practitioner Marie Levaux and Homer Plessy (of Plessy vs. Ferguson fame)  as well as the future final resting place of Nicholas Cage.

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