Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Ready To Take It From Verizon Again

It was fun while it lasted. And we all knew that the sword of Damocles was looming above us. I'm speaking of the impending death of unlimited data plans at Verizon.

Starting this Summer, if you buy a 4G phone, and if you had previously had an unlimited plan that had been grandfathered in, you will be transferred to a tiered data plan. Current 4G phone owners with unlimited plans will be allowed to ride out the duration of their remaining contracts with unlimited data, However, the next time you upgrade your phone to anything with 4G LTE service, your unlimited plan is gone. Verizon will now force individual subscribers onto its basic tiered data plans, and multi-line subscribers will be moved onto shared data "buckets".

So, what can you do about it? Switch carriers? Don't fool yourself. You're stuck with Verizon and they know it. Why? Let's look at the alternatives:

  • Sprint: Non-existent LTE, unreliable 3G, and horrible WiMAX. Yeah, you get unlimited, but that does you no good when the speed is 120K max. It's unlimited nothingness.
  • AT&T: Worst carrier in America. Hands down. We all know this already. 
  • T-Mobile: Zero coverage outside of major metropolitan areas, and even that's sketchy at best. Even if coverage isn't an issue they're still going to throttle your data after listening to Google Music a bit. 
  • MVNOs: Don't go thinking that they are any better than the above options, because they are the above options, just repackaged. (Straight Talk, for example).

The carriers are taking advantage of the consumer and it won't change any time soon because we are dependent on our phones for everything, and most people are oblivious. Most folks are content to play Angry Birds or listen to the occasional MP3 they've put directly onto their iPhone while coming nowhere near 500meg a month. Mobile carriers need to feel the heavy hand of regulation and soon. They can't keep doing this shit. Call your Congressperson.

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