Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Aftermath of the Merchant

I got some much needed sleep last night. I had thought that taking a small role in Merchant of Venice would not take up much time or wear me out, but I was wrong. After doing 8 performances over two weeks, I collapsed into a deep dreamless sleep last night and woke up this morning content in the knowledge that I didn't have to scurry to rehearsal after work today. While part of me is glad that the curtain has fallen on this production, another part of me waxes nostalgic. It was an interesting performance. Here are some highlights:

  • We had a full house opening night despite the much-hyped opening of Godspell that same night. 
  • I mangled the Duke of Venice's monologue opening night, managing to only hit the first line, two middle lines and the ending cue. 
  • The actor who played Lorenzo and I ad-libbed a sequence during Act 3 Scene 5 where I mimicked Lorenzo's movements as he spoke of being mocked by Launcelot. 
  • The theater's unofficial mascot, Bob the Bat showed up during the first Sunday performance. 
  • My fellow actor, Chris, who is an incredibly nice, unassuming fellow played many small parts in the show. He stole the show the second Friday night with his portrayal of Morocco and had the audience rolling with laughter. Everybody deserves some time to shine and the Universe just seemed to align for him that night. 
  • It's always nice to walk out on stage and see familiar faces in the audience, but I was much more taken aback by the audience members whom I did not know who went out of their way to track me down and tell me how good I did. Walking into my favorite pub one Saturday night after the show, I was greeted by several people who had seen the show who told me how good I was. I didn't have to buy a single drink that night. 
  • The actor who play Salarino was a no show closing night which forced in a last minute understudy.   
  • The girlfriend came out twice to see the show and my daughter sat in the audience closing night rather than hanging out back stage as usual.

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