Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My daughter recently brought home a magazine fundraising packet from Great American Opportunities. In order to motivate the kids to get the word out, each subscription would net them a little collectible frog key chain. There are apparently 40 different frogs ranging from princesses to baseball players. Some super heroes are also included, and, knowing how much I like Spider-Man, my daughter decided to trade one of her pink girly frogs for a Spider-Man frog. I was really touched by the gesture. This is a huge deal because the frogs are all the rave at the school at the moment.

Sometimes....just sometimes....I'm convinced that I'm doing this parenting thing right. 

Spider-Frog, Spider-Frog, does whatever a Spider-Frog does. Can he swing from a thread? No, he can't: He's a Frog!

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