Friday, April 20, 2012

Raise The Curtain

In just a few hours, the curtain goes up on yet another show and I'll be taking to the stage. I didn't think I would have time to do another show until Fall, but joining the cast of The Merchant of Venice has turned out to be a great decision and I'm so glad I've found the time to be a part of it all. Before the curtain goes up, I've got a few things running through my mind that are making me smile.

  • Working with my old friend Nicole reminds me of us goofing off in college. It has been a tremendous amount of fun.
  • Nicole's understudy is her daughter and, when the teen expressed anxiety about remembering her lines in front of an audience, one of the theater's board members remarked "Don't worry, Thomas is out there with you. He'll cover you". I beamed with pride.
  • Working with my friend Jeffery has made for a number of hilarious scenes. Our work on Act 3 Scene 5, is, for my money, one of the best scenes in the show. But, I'm biased. 
  • Being a supporting character, I have a lot of down time and I find myself wondering what to do with myself. I did pick up an opportunity to run the sound board for one of the scenes.
  • I have a lot of running around to do as I am in nearly every scene in Act 2. This involves me going off stage, running around the theater to get back stage and then preparing to go on stage just before my cue. It's especially difficult  between scene 4 and scene 5 because I have to haul ass to make it around in time for Shylock to start yelling at me. 
  • I have been concentrating so much on perfecting Launcelot that I have neglected my role as the Duke of Venice. I am still struggling to get his monologue note-perfect. Also, that role necessitates a quick change as I have to change from Launcelot in Act 3 Scene 5 and the Duke in Act 4 Scene 1. Thankfully, my fellow supporting player, Chris, is on hand to help me with the change, otherwise, there would be no way I could get dressed in time. 
  • Word is, we're playing to a packed house tonight, which is surprising because another community theater in the area is doing a short run of Godspell this weekend. 
It looks like it's about time for me to take my place for the start of the show, so I will leave you all with what I have written above. I'll be sure to break at least one leg out there. 

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