Monday, April 16, 2012

I Want A Sandwich Named After Myself

One of the restaurants just outside of town had closed. I wasn't a huge fan of the place, but the fact that it served a burger topped with pulled pork, bacon and two cheeses all on a kaiser roll always made me forget about the weird ambiance that the place exuded. And it was worth going a little bit out of town in order to pick up one of those specimens of deliciousness. But, alas, serving a stellar burger isn't enough to keep a place open. There are sticky issues like state regulations and health codes and the like.

I was lamenting the loss of the burger to a friend of mine this weekend, and, in an attempt to console me, she mentioned that a place in town served a similar burger. "It's not the same!", I said. "The bun is all wrong and they don't put bacon or cheese on it! It's an abomination!". She then mentioned that the local pub would probably be willing to put one together for me, perhaps on chibatta bread.  This intrigued me. A designer sandwich. I exclaimed that, if this sandwich were successful, they could put it on the menu and call it "The TommyMac!".

In total deadpan mode, she replied "They already have a sandwich named after you. It's a slab of ham smothered in five different kinds of cheese".

I pondered this for a moment and asked if it they served it with chips or fries.

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