Friday, April 13, 2012

Dragon Attack At The Stables Is A Tale of WOAH!

I started a new run on Skyrim recently and, after having just purchased a horse at a stable, I was ready to ride off to continue my adventure. The moment I got in the saddle, however, I heard the familiar sound of a dragon approaching. I knew I was doomed, but dismounted my horse anyway so that I could shoot some arrows at the beast in a feeble attempt to bring him down. Once he landed, even though I was woefully unprepared, I charged in and began to fight. This dragon was no pushover and soon had me on the ropes.

Just when I thought all was lost, my horse charged in and started kicking the dragon. Not only that, but two more horses and a stable master joined in on the beat-down. We five rag-tag warriors proceeded to take that dragon apart in no time. Alas, though, my poor horse that I had just purchased was torn apart by the dragon. I didn't even get a chance to name her. As I knelt over her lifeless body, I decided to name her "Mieux" because she was much better than the horse I owned in my previous game. That one ran itself off of a cliff and died while I fought a bear.

Trying To Kill My Master? NEIGH, I say! NEIGH!

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