Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Thanks To My Old Pal, Leigh For Noticing This
Shopping around at a home brewery supply store can turn up many interesting items. Certainly, offering Large Bungs and Large Drilled Bungs is going to cause some double takes. I mean, if there are bungs, then where are the bung holes?

Of course, after seeing this display, I had to look up the meaning and origin of the word "bung". The only time I have ever heard it outside of a poop joke was in the song "Civilization" by Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters. In that song, Danny sings of how "people who are civilized bung you with automobiles". At the time, I took the word "bung" to mean "bribe" or "shut you up". In actuality, a bung is a cylindrical or conical closure device used to seal a bottle, tube or barrel. It's different from a lid in that a bung is partially inserted inside the container to act as a seal while a lid encloses a container from the outside without displacing the inner volume. So, basically, a bung is a cork that isn't made out of cork. And a bunghole is anything that a bung is used to stop up.

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