Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At Least He's Wearing Boots

I love Skyrim. I'm over 200 hours into the game on two different characters and I'm still finding new things every time I play. Bethesda certainly put a lot of time, effort and love into making Skyrim and it shows with every nuanced layer that the game exhibits. Unfortunately, as with any game these days, Skyrim has its share of glitches. Some of them are frustrating, like quest lines that can be impossible to complete if you don't perform them in an exact order. Most, however, are kind of funny, like when an NPC materializes partially within a wall. While playing last night, I kicked off the Dark Brotherhood quest line and, when the courier tracked me down to give me their letter, he wasn't wearing his clothing. It's obviously a glitch somewhere in the Skyrim engine.

I felt bad for the guy, after all, Skyrim can get pretty damn cold. I decided to reverse-pickpocket him and give him some clothes. Turns out, he already has clothes, he just hasn't equipped them. When the Skyrim engine generated the courier, for some reason it glitched out and didn't equip his clothing. So, the courier has clothing, he just doesn't care.

I Don't Want To Know Where He Keeps His Letters.

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