Friday, February 3, 2012

Tonight, We Open!

Herbert Pomme, the one armed milquetoast
Tonight is opening night for our production of three Christopher Durang one-act plays. I'm starring as Steven Mann in "The Nature and Purpose of the Universe" and Herbert Pomme in "Death Comes to us All, Mary Agnes". The entire cast has worked very hard over the last several weeks to learn their lines and get the timing and the blocking down right. I think we've got this one in the bag.

Along the way, I have struggled with the material, as I had been hard pressed to find much humor in the scripts. Upon seeing the performances fleshed out by a talented cast and a great director, I have decided that these plays might actually end up being funny. A good actor can take a minimally funny script and transform it into a tour-de-force comedic experience. I'm not speaking from personal experience with this play, as both of my roles are played straight and have little comedic bent. The main roles are all played seriously and comedy is farmed out to the supporting characters. However, our director has brilliantly cast some of the more outrageous actors in the pivotal comic relief roles which should get us a lot of laughs.

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